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  This page is dedicated to all of the photographers who have helped support this community event and Kenyon's Grist Mill's historic property throughout the years.

Thank you
Karen T. Bartlett, Chet Browning, Karen Cooke, Michelle Darensbourg, Jerry Horbert, Lisa Jayne Konopka / Timeless Journey Photography, Paul Kandarian, Hank Randall / Randall Photography, Jennifer Reardon / Jennifer Reardon Photography, Jacqueline Taylor, Judi Wood, and Stephen C. Wood / DocWood!

Do you have any photos to share?  Please submit them to Paul Drumm III at
.  You may also contact us here or call 800-7-KENYON.  Photography is always needed!  We include photo credits and would love to insert your website link or contact information  

Website - Banner
Karen T. Bartlett - website
Johnny Cakes
Karen Cooke
Mill Yard Crowd

Website - Homepage / Event Photos - view page
Courtesy of Businesses/Vendors
Peanut Butter - Courtesy of Virginia & Spanish Peanut Co.
Painted Ceramic Butter Dish - Theresita Design

Karen T. Bartlett - website
Johnny Cake Box
Karen Cooke
Cold Cider
Steamed Corn
Bear Carving
Frech Fry Booth
Sample Kettle Corn Sign

Hank Randall - website
Pink Biscuit Tent
Mill Room

Girl Spinning
Musicians - Lizzie James and the Greystone Rail
Jennifer Reardon   - website  
Wine Bottles
Musicians -
Southern Rhode
Jam Jars

Coffee Free Sample Sign
Ice Cream
Milk Bottles
White Tent
Johnny Cake Bread
Grey Sail Beer Cans
Clam Cakes
Couple, Block Prints Graphics
Grey Sail Pumpkin Carving
Granny Squibb's Tea
Kettle Corn
Jonnycake Center Truck
Block Print Graphics Sticker
Wooden Bowls
Dave's Coffee Syrup
Indian Corn
Knitted Hats
Stained Glass
Maple Syrup
Sea Glass
Wooden Boards
Chair Caning
Wicked Natural Jars
Brick Oven Pizza Sign
Coffee Bags
Pink Biscuits
Rich's Sweet Heat
Toy Trucks
Silver Bracelets
Chair Massage Sign
Plummy, the Plum Beach Lighthouse
Candy Corn
Goat's Milk Soap
Corn Bread
Yacht Club Soda Sign
Yoreganics Soap Nuts
Cooking Apples
Yellow/White Tent

Stephen C. Wood - website
Queen’s River Foliage

Munroe Dairy's Myra MooCow

Website - Homepage / Musician Photos & Live Music - view page
Courtesy of Musicians
Southern Rhode - Courtesy of Southern Rhode
Uncle Funk - Courtesy of Uncle Funk
Bill E. Payne - Courtesy of Bill E. Payne

Karen Cooke
Lover's First Quarrel
Judi Wood - website
Farm Dog

Website - Live Music & More   - view page  
Courtesy of Musicians
Maria Bilyue - Image courtesy of Maria Bilyue
Farm Dog - Judi Wood
Dynamite Shack - Images courtesy of Dynamite Shack
Uncle Funk - Images courtesy of Uncle Funk
Bill E. Payne - Images Courtesy of Bill E. Payne
Bob & Nancy Duo - Image courtesy of Bob & Nancy Duo
Rick Spencer - Image courtesy of Rick Spencer
Blue Around the Edges - Jennifer Reardon
Lover’s First Quarrel - Karen Cooke
Lizzie James and the Greystone Rail - Image courtesy of Lizzie James and the Greystone Rail
Southern Rhode - Image courtesy of Southern Rhode
Juice - Image courtesy of Juice

Website - Mission & History - view page
 Chet Browning
Serving Pancakes
Karen Cooke

Website - Samples & Admission - view page
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Website - Johnny Cakes - view page
 Food Finds Video
Courtesy of Food Finds
Karen T. Bartlett - website
Johnny Cake Blue Box
Scoop of Johnny Cake Meal on Millstone

Michelle Darensbourg - website
Johnny Cake Mix in Bowl
Cooking Johnny Cakes

Website - Tours of the Mill - view page
  Martha Stewart Living Video
Courtesy of Martha Stewart Living
Chet Browning
Mill Tour
Michelle Darensbourg - website
Grinding Corn

Jerry Horbert
Kenyon's Sign

Website - Food Donations - view page
  Karen Cooke

2013 Autumn Newsletter
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2013 Print Ads
Courtesy of Businesses/Vendors
Jewelry - Courtesy of Anne Made Designs Co.
Karen T. Bartlett - website
Johnny Cakes

Karen Cooke
Kenyon's Grist Mill
Jennifer Reardon - website
Musician - Southern Rhode

Stephen C. Wood - website

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