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Free Johnny Cakes Samples or Purchase a Larger Order!
Kenyon's Grist Mill is the world's largest manufacturer of Johnny Cake Meal.  At the event, enjoy free samples of Johnny Cakes made from Kenyon's Stone Ground White Corn Meal - "Johnny Cake Meal" or "Jonnycake Meal".  Traditional Johnny Cake samples are provided in front of the mill at the Kenyon's Grist Mill booth.  Larger orders are also available for purchase.  
There will also be free Johnny Cake cooking demonstrations and free tours of the mill and grinding process.  Johnny Cake Meal, along with other meals, mixes and flours are available in the gift shop across the street from the mill, as well as in a product booth next to the Johnny Cake booth.  We also ship across the country.  Throughout the year, products are available online at 

In 2013, there were three additional Johnny Cake booths from area restaurants who sold their own signature style Johnny Cakes.  In all Johnny Cake locations, $1 per order of Johnny Cakes was donated to the Rhode Island Breast Cancer Coalition in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  

"A Gift of the Indians" Written By: W.L. Watson
The Native American Indians ground corn into meal by pounding and rubbing it between two flat stones - something like a mortar and pestle.  Roger Williams had defined it as "Noekhick Parched Meal".  It was a "readie" and very wholesome food, which they ate with little water, hot or cold.  The Native American Indians would also mix their Noekhick into a stiff batter and bake it in the hot ashes of the camp fire.  This is believed to be the real origin of the Rhode Island Johnny Cake. 

As time went on, the methods of grinding the corn improved.  Windmills, and later, the water powered mills were erected for the sole purpose of grinding corn.  The result was a great improvement and corn meal soon became the principle article of food.  Though, with all their inventive genius, the earlier settlers never invented a dish that could equal that which the Native American Indians had taught them to make, namely the Rhode Island Johnny Cake.

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"Rhode Island Johnny Cake Recipes" Written By: Dick Donnelly
To make an acceptable Rhode Island Johnny Cake, one needs to begin with Stone Ground White Corn Meal.  The liquid added to the meal may be hot or cold - water or milk.  That's it - cornmeal mixed with a liquid to form a batter that is then cooked on a griddle so the little cakes become easily handled during travel.  In other words, they are named a "Travel Cake" or "Journey Cake".  The colonist's pronunciation would have been closer to "Jar-ney Cake".   When the "r" sound was dropped with time, the name, "Jonnycake" or "Johnny Cake" became popular.

Most Johnny Cake recipes in Rhode Island are unique to the Johnny Cake maker.  Each makes them the way he or she likes to eat them (some thick, some thin).  Also, recipes often change over time as the tastes of the maker mature.  May I share with you my "basic" recipe?  There are no secrets here, just a time-tested recipe for making a tasty little "Journey Cake".  Click
here for recipes and to learn more.

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