Johnny Cake Festival at Kenyon's Grist Mill
Thank you to everyone who attended, volunteered, and participated during the 2013 Johnny Cake Festival.  It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make sure this event is truly unique, diverse, and constantly changing.  The total amount donated to the Rhode Island Breast Cancer Coalition from all Johnny Cake booths was $1,463. The rest of the Kenyon’s Johnny Cake booth sales went into the function of the festival. 100% of all profit from the Kenyon’s Clam Cake booth and other festival run booths were donated to the festival to cover expenses. Thank you to those who made donations to the Jonnycake Center of Peace Dale. They collected 290 pounds of food, 355 pounds of clothing and $230.43 cash.

Update: We are sad to announce that the 2014 Johnny Cake Festival has been officially canceled.  This was a very difficult decision for us.  We will include the details on why very soon.  In January and February, we have contacted all of our past vendors, musicians, and leader volunteers, and are still in the process of contacting others.  New photos and website modifications will be happening in the next few months.  We hope to be able to hold the 2015 Johnny Cake Festival.  Please stay tuned...  

Mission & History
The Johnny Cake Festival is similar to the story of Stone Soup.  At Kenyon's Grist Mill in the small village of Usquepaugh, we build a fire, add some water and put in the stones.  This creates a venue where local businesses can come together, join a support system, and show off what they do best. 
The mission is to strengthen the community and local businesses by working together, networking, assisting, cross marketing, and promoting each other.  In the past few years, the event has grown exponentially.  Originating in 1973, the festival ran until 1985.  After a series of smaller events at the mill in 2009 and 2010, the Johnny Cake Festival was recreated in 2011.  The event promotes local culinary specialties, agriculture, handmade art, history, and education.  The outreach is to those who value the importance of supporting local products.  We are proud to source all logistics from local companies.  This includes buses, security, signage, facilities, ATM, and so much more.  Area businesses also get secondary benefits.  All of the event's income goes "back in the pot" to cover a portion of the expenses.  Any additional earnings are donated to our benefactors. 

Every stir and ingredient is important to making the spirit of this event work.  Click here for additional history and photos from the past.  Saying thank you to volunteers and Kenyon's Grist Mill's small staff goes a long way!  We are dedicated year-round to create something truly unique.  Although everyone assists in their own way, our major supporters are listed below.  We appreciate Schartner Farms, Healey Farm and Babbling Brook Farm who have supplied decorations.  We also thank our musicians, volunteers, photographers, media, and demonstrators.  This old-fashioned recipe creates a delicious stew that can be enjoyed by all.

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